A Woman and Islam

Bustanov, Alfrid, ed. A Woman and Islam. (Dizart Tim, Moscow, 2017). 72 p. (in Russian)

ISBN 978-5-904131-45-6

A collection of articles «A Woman and Islam» opens a Muslim woman’s world to a reader. How do Islam jurists define the status of a woman in society? How have these regulations been realized in practice?

How in Arab poetry was an image of a woman formed? How did reading Muslims women use literature in male-dominated society?

Does an Islamic feminism exist and what is it?

Responses to these questions and more information could be found in this book which focuses particularly on the past and future of Russian Muslim women.



A.K. Bustanov. Introduction

A Muslim Woman in Society

V.O. Bobrovnikov. A Woman in Sharia and Mountain Adats.

D.A. Shagaviev, R. Nurgaleev. Hanafi Madhab on Women’s rights

A Berhymed Woman

A Y. Kudryavtzeva, E.A. Rezvan. Real and Ideal Woman: Qur’an and pre-Islamic poetry about Arab Women in Times of Prophet.

Sh. Sh.Shikaliev. Educated Muslim Woman in pre-Soviet Dagestan.


L.R. Syukiyanen

Layla Akhmad

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